HR Consulting Services

HR Consultancy Services


Most of the start-ups and even mid-size companies have to focus on setting up of core business activities and business growth. Often there is a lack of  attention to suitable employment policies, basic systems, processes and procedures etc. which leads to difficult times and chaotic situations for the management to deal with. Trigger HR supports such companies by:

o          Framing policies : depending on the company's values and culture, Trigger HR frames appropriate HR policies and manuals within the statutory framework.

o          Setting up basic personnel functions - formulating basic personnel functions like, Attendance, Leave management, payroll managements, Employee records, etc.

Our focus is on forming such basic systems which can be easily scaled up when the organization grows.


Through Competency mapping, we help our clients in identification of the competencies required by their employees to perform successfully in a given job or role. We break various roles into its constituent tasks or activities and identify the competencies (technical, managerial, behavioral, conceptual knowledge, attitudes, skills, etc.) needed to perform the same successfully. Once the competencies are finalized, we formulate the proficiency levels for each of the competencies and do a gap analysis for each employee. Post gap analysis, a learning map is devised to bridge the gap between actual and expected levels of proficiency for each competency for all the employees.


At trigger HR, we believe in deploying right kind of performance evaluation methods and performance monitoring systems. Every organization is unique in various ways. One size fit all kind of systems do not work well and needs customization according to organizations domain, culture, vision and mission. Trigger HR suggests appropriate Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ways to monitor them.


Finding right people at the right time is of immense importance to any organization. This determines how well an organization grows and sustains in the world of competition. Trigger HR supports its clients in identifying right talent in a timely manner.


Identifying the gaps between the current level of abilities & skills of employees and expected levels of performance is very crucial for any business. Trigger HR helps in not only identifying the said gaps but also plan of action to fulfill the gaps through appropriate training or development program.

Trigger HR also assists in identifying long term development needs of employees through Succession Planning.


We assist our clients in formulating suitable reward and recognition policy. A good reward and recognition policy helps create a conducive work environment  wherein the employees feel motivated due to getting appreciated for their efforts and value addition to the organization. Most importantly the rewards and recognition have to be timely or else its importance is lost. Organizations having good rewards and recognition policy are able to attract and retain talent.


A thorough job analysis leads to making of an accurate Job description. An accurate job description reduces ambiguity. It is very important for employees to know precisely what the management expects from them and how their performance is going to be evaluated. Trigger HR carries out thorough job analysis and assists management in drafting or revising the Job descriptions.


HR Automation helps in improving data accuracy, reducing time spent on tasks, ease of access of information, quick decision making, improving privacy and security of information and improving work efficiency especially with offices in multiple locations. Trigger carries out thorough study at client sites and identifies HR processes wherein HR automation can be useful. Trigger HR also recommends suitable automation tools for HR functions and helps in implementation of the said tools.


Trigger HR, through its HR practical training academy, provides a comprehensive practical training to fresher HR students. With this the aim is to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The students are given a hands-on with various HR functions which boosts their confidence and are almost ready to start giving output when they take up employment. We also offer industry internship to the students for further reinforcement of HR concepts and processes.

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